Natural Fire Lighters

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All natural, beautifully handcrafted firelighters, made in Knysna.

These beautiful, eco friendly firelighters were developed by a group of four women during lockdown with the vision to provide not only an income for themselves but to provide South Africa with a greener, more economical and beautiful way to light a fire.

Fuelled by clean burning fauna, recycled materials and natural wax this product contains no harsh chemicals, toxic fumes or nasty odours.

Our natural firelighters are not only a more environmentally healthy alternative but the precision in which they have been beautifully handcrafted make them a perfect gift.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from 100% natural resources
  • Extremely stable with long shelf life
  • Multi use- Camp fires, Fire pits, Fireplaces, Grills, Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to light
  • Non explosive
  • Non toxic
  • No smells or chemical taste on food
  • Can be stored safely near or with food
  • Burning time 15-20 minutes


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Natural Firelighters are perfect for your next braai, campfire or fireplace.

Made with 100% natural materials to give you a clean burning flame without any toxic fumes or odours.


  • Place one natural firelighter in your fireplace.
  • Place tinder or wood around the natural firelighter and light the wick.
  • Ingredients-
  • Wax, natural flora, recycled coffee/ tea, wood shavings, wood.