Gua Sha Crystal Facial Sones

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The gua sha stone is an ancient healing technique known for addressing stagnant energy in the body which causes inflammation, but more recently praised for its ability to sculpt the face, reduce puffiness and a ton of other complexion boosting benefits like flawless, glowing and youthful skin.


Benefits Reduce puffiness

Complexion boosting benefits

How To Use Remove any excess product from your hands before working with your gua sha stone to avoid it slipping as it is a natural stone and can break easily if dropped on a hard surface. If you are using your gua sha stone in the bathroom over the sink we recommend placing a towel in the sink as a precaution.

Ensure there is enough product on the skin to perform smooth friction movements.

Adjust pressure and technique according to the face/chest contours and skin thickness. Use lighter pressure on thinner skin around the eyes and on the neck.

Support the skin where needed.