Broad Spectrum CBD Vape

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Back to Roots have mindfully crafted this Broad Spectrum CBD Vape with NO VG, PG or MCT oil to create a clean, non toxic product, free from all harsh chemicals for you to enjoy whilst still experiencing the full benefits CBD has to offer.

Our CBD vape is perfect to easily carry on your person to help alleviate stress, depression, anxiety and pain whilst improving your mood, aiding relaxation and calmness and has been particularly effective in supporting those wishing to quit smoking.

Our CBD vapes are 100% THC free, meaning you receive all the health benefits the cannabis plant has to offer without any psychoactive high with full 3rd party laboratory tests available for each batch for your piece of mind ensuring the cleanest CBD vape on the South African market.


  • 100% THC free
  • 1ml Vape cart 510 thread
  • 500mg of CBD (cannabidiol)
  • Ingredients: 100% natural cannabidiol (CBD) Broad Spectrum, Limonene Terpene for that citrus flavour
  • NO VG (vegetable glycerine) PG (propylene glycol) or MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides)
  • Made with 100% natural CBD, with full traceability from the start of extraction



  • 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD (cannabidiol)
  • Limonene Terpene


  • Remove from packaging
  • Screw 510 vape cart onto battery
  • Slowly draw vapour through mouth piece


  • Keep Vape cart out of direct sunlight for long periods of time
  • Please reuse or recycle our packaging.


Do not exceed more than 20mg of CBD(Cannabidiol) in your daily dose as per South African government regulations. Regulation amending s22(A)2 of the Medicine and Related Substance Act, 1965 (Act no.101 of 1965) Published 23 May 2019 *Always consult your physician. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, and no claims regarding such are made. Products have not been evaluated by the MCC or the FDA. Allergen Statement:  Please read ingredients list on product label and consult your doctor before using.