Airis Vape Battery

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This 510 thread (standard) battery is ideal for CBD use.
It is a standard fitting that can be used in conjunction with a variety of applications.

It can be charged via micro USB for easy charging on the go.
Complete with 3 levels of voltage adjustment and also has a preheating function that is convenient when using high concentration oils.


How to Use:
Press the power button 5 times continuously to turn on and off.
When the power is on, heat and vaporizes while pressing the power button.

(Preheat function)
When the power is on, press the power button twice continuously to heat the coil to the appropriate temperature.
After preheating, the coil is warmed up so you can vaporize the wax more efficiently.
Power button lights up when preheated.
Press the power button once to stop in the way.
The unit can be used even without the pre-heat function.

Voltage change:
When the power is on, press the power button 3 times continuously to change the voltage output.
LED light color changes according to the output value. (Green=3.4V Blue=3.7V Red=4.2V)

Charging Method:
The power button light will flash 8 times when the battery is low.
Please charge from the USB port on the bottom of the main unit.
The red light on the bottom will turn on while charging and turns off when complete.