Edibles & Supplements

At Back to Roots we believe in a holistic approach to wellness and vitality.
We are proud to share with you a range of health and supplementation products that we believe to be cohesive to a thriving lifestyle and optimal wellness.
The products we share with you are naturally and ethically sourced with the intent of supporting a truly healthy lifestyle from the inside out that not only cares for you but for our planet.

  • Olio Mushroom Capsules

    Olio Mushroom Capsules is an adaptogenic blend of mushrooms that’s been specifically formulated to improve mental and physical vitality while promoting overall health. A combination of Lions Mane, Chaga Mushroom, Cordyceps & Reishi all working together to enhance cognition and mental longevity whilst supporting a healthy immune system and naturally elevating your mood and mental focus.

  • Soaring Free Lean Superfood Protein Shake

    A GREEN SUPERFOOD SHAKE WITH THE ALKALISING POWER OF 6 SUPERFOODS AND EXTRA PLANT BASED PROTEIN The way we recommend you start your day...after your CBD of course! At Back To Roots we support an holistic approach to optimal health and anessential part of this is by alkalising the body. A green anti-inflammatory, alkalising protein blend of 6 essential superfoods and superherbs that alkalise and restore the body's natural pH for faster recovery and optimum health. This alkalising lean superfood shake is highly nourishing and is ideally used as a protein boost or to help combat an acidic PH. Use…

  • Sceletium Capsules

    Sceletium tortuosum is a rare succulent from the Mesembryanthemaceae family and is distributed in certain semi-desert areas of Southern Africa. It was (and still is) highly regarded and sought after by both the Khoikhoi and the San (bushmen) people who have used this plant as a mood enhancer since prehistoric times. It has also been used as an appetite suppressant and mental and physical endurance enhancer by shepherds and hunters walking long distances in arid areas. Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension, and functions as a model anxiolytic (anti-anxiety substance), as well as being a very effective…

  • Soaring Free CBD Chocolate Bar

      CHOCOLATE WITH A PURPOSE. Souring Free CBD Chocolates are potent plant enhanced superfood chocolates. This CBD raw dark chocolate bar is made from heirloom cacao infused with broad spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) extract from the oil of THC-free hemp. Cannabinoids such as CBD, are non psychoactive and will not get you high but may assist with relaxation and reducing the effects of anxiety and stress on the body specifically known to be synergistically enhanced when combined with raw chocolate.

  • O’natural Hemp Bar

    A deliciously crunchy flavour combination of sprouted buckwheat with hemp seed protein powder, raw cacao and nuts. A great supporter for a healthy, active lifestyle. Breakfast on-the-go Athletic energy booster Between meals pick-me-up Guilt-free chocolate experience 100% Raw and vegan wheat, gluten, sucrose and dairy free